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Round Bezel Cup Ring

Round Bezel Cup Ring

This beautiful bezel cup ring can be made with your breast milk or clear resin, plus any inclusions you wish to add.


The ring comes in yellow and rose gold-filled, as well as silver.


It is available in ring sizes 1-16 (including half-sizes). Please note if you need a half-size.


You can add additional customizations (i.e. pigmented shimmer) to your order via the main product page.

*birthstone stacker rings are NOT included in this listing*

  • Breast Milk and Personal Inclusions

    Please note that you are responsible for shipping out your own breast milk (1/2 oz, fresh or frozen) along with any other personal inclusions that you so choose (i.e. locks of hair, umbilical stump, etc.). 

Excluding Sales Tax
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