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Terms & Conditions

Any unused cremation ashes will always be sent back to you with your finished product. Any extra of other personal inclusions (i.e. dried flowers, hair, etc.) will only be sent back to you with your finished piece(s) upon request. Once your milk has been altered through my preservation process it becomes my personal property and will not be returned to you for any reason. 


Estimated TAT's are subject to change at any time. If your TAT gets extended, no refunds will be issued for any reason. Your estimated TAT begins from the date in which I receive your personal inclusions. If you will NOT be sending any personal inclusions to me, then your estimated TAT begins at the time of purchase. 


Once you receive your keepsake, it is solely your responsibility to take proper care of it in order to prevent any damage to the piece. I am not responsible for any damage or yellowing caused due to personal negligence and therefore, you are responsible for all costs associated with repairing or replacing the said item(s). If you have done everything in your power to properly care for your piece and you have found that it has become damaged due to what you believe to be no fault of your own, I will replace or repair your piece(s) free of charge -AT MY DISCRETION. 


You are responsible for the costs associated with sending your personal inclusions to me. DO NOT under any circumstances send the last of any personal inclusions to me. I am not to be held responsible for any missing, damaged, or returned packages containing your inclusions. If your package is left at my local post office due to insufficient postage on your behalf, you will be invoiced the difference in postage in ADDITION to a $20 fee per incident. I will not begin production on your order and your estimated TAT will not begin until your invoice is paid in full.


Setting swaps and other changes to your order are at my full discretion and are subject to additional taxes and fees.

Once an order has been placed, but not started, I require a 20% cancellation fee. I do NOT accept cancellations once an order has  started processing for any reason.

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